My name is John Ford and I am a director of westerns







"My name is John Ford and I am a director of westerns."

  This famous definition of himself was a simplification, and he knew it. But who was actually John Ford? For me the answer is very easy: one of the greatest and most influential filmmakers of all time. His long and succesful career, spanned more than fifty years, went through different phases and he directed more than 135 films, though many of them -the most of his silent films- are now lost. However some of the films he made and left for us to enjoy and admire, are so beautiful, so elegant, so perfect, that there's nothing for him to regard as a honest genius with a clean human look.

  Would you like to know some things about him? What about watching some of his films or some of their most interesting sequences? If you would, come along. And remember: with Jack Ford all the cinema lovers have got satisfaction guaranteed!

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