Elvis Presley...




Elvis Presley is considered an icon of popular music that inspired many singers. The King of Rock and Roll is still selling records even though his death has now surpassed the 1000 million records sold.

Elvis Aaron Presley is considered the King of Rock'n Roll. His unique style of singing, his aggressive moves on stage, his charisma, and other qualities is what is currently allowed to be one of the greatest musical figures of history. In addition to its countless records, the quality of the songs they played is what continues to generate new generations joining the ranks of his fervent followers.

He has led for many years, the list of highest grossing dead artists for their products, but ousted in 2006 by Kurt Cobain. Annually-Graceland home is visited by thousands of people around the world. It is the second most visited house in the United States, behind the White House.  Many people recognize that Elvis was the spark that changed popular music and an entire generation, and thanks to him, they took the same path. In short, Elvis Presley is no longer an American icon, to become one of the icons of the music world